Freight Pricing

All prices are NZD and GST Exclusive

Vehicles + Machinery

Item Unit Cost CI Dues Comments
ATV (Manufactured for agricultural use, incl Quads) Lineal Metre 282.00 5.00 Over all length
Motorbikes x 2 wheel Lineal Metre 141.00 5.00 Over all length
Other Machinery Metre / Ton 910.00 50.00 Which ever the greater, length or weight.
Tyres Each 0.41 2.60 Formula x $0.40 where the Formula is π (3.14) x Radius sq. x height
Vehicles - (Manufactured for road use) Lineal Metre 547.00 50.00 Over all length
Water craft greater than 14ft (incl Trailers) Lineal Metre 547.00 50.00
Water craft under 14ft (Jet Skis, Dinghys etc) Lineal Metre 282.00 5.00


Month Percentage
September, 2023 8.5%
September, 2023 1.5%
August, 2023 1.5%


Item Unit Cost CI Dues Comments
LS Cattle kg 0.59 5.00
LS Dogs Each 58.00 1.00
LS Hens Each 6.80 0.00
LS Horses Each 730.00 5.00
LS Rams Each 61.00 1.00
LS Sheep - (Lamb, Ewe) Each 25.90 1.00


Item Unit Cost CI Dues Comments
Container - 10 Foot Full Each 2427.00 25.00
Container - 20 Foot Full Each 4980.00 50.00
DG Cargo - DG Cargo 10.00% 0.00 0.00 Cost is 10% surcharge
Empty Returns including Cages & Containers 50% Discount 0.00 0.00 Cost is -50%
Gas Cylinder - Cage (Full) Each 408.00 10.00
Gas Cylinder - Large (over 45kg) Full Each 82.00 1.70
Gas Cylinder - Medium (10-44kg) Full Each 47.70 0.70
Gas Cylinder - Small (up to 9kg) Full Each 24.30 0.30


Item Unit Cost CI Dues Comments
200L Drum Each 108.00 5.00
20L Drum Each 24.60 0.50
60L Drum Each 54.30 1.50
IBC Empty Each 102.50 0.00
IBC Full Each 408.00 24.00
Plastic Tank(15,000 to 30,000L) Each 2310.00 72.00
Plastic Tank(1501 to 5000L) Each 950.00 24.00
Plastic Tank(5001 to 15,000L) Each 1220.00 36.00
Plastic Tank(up to 1500L) Each 408.00 9.00

General Freight

Item Unit Cost CI Dues Comments
Avgas Tank 1500L Each 450.00 36.00
Bulk Commodity - 1 Ton Bulk Bag Ton 163.00 12.00
Bulk Frozen Bait Ton 730.00 18.00
Bulk Frozen Fish Ton 815.00 18.00
Coal Ton 272.00 12.00
Cray pot Each 55.00 9.00
Deck Stow Timber Metre / Ton* 313.00 12.00
General Stow Metre / Ton* 418.00 18.00
Household Furniture Cubic Metre 272.00 5.00
Minimun Freight Each 24.30 1.00
Paua Shell Ton 163.00 12.00
Polybins - Empty Each 3.70 0.02
Rope (m3) Cubic Metre 313.00 18.00
StockFood Each 418.00 12.00
Wool Bales Each 115.00 12.00

Further Information?

  • Maximum gross lifting weight is 27 MT off the ship
  • Maximum gross swing truck lifting weight 20 Tonne
  • Prices are valid for 12 months
  • All goods are carried at owners risk basis. This means CISL will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged,
  • Unless CISL intentionally loses or damages them. Refer to Terms and Conditions on CISL Website.
  • For any claims must be received in writing within 7 days of uplift of goods.
  • The Fuel Adjustment Factor or FAF is a surcharge added to your freight rates to cover the cost of fuel. You will find that most established transport companies will charge a FAF surcharge as an additional cost to their freight rates.

Shipping Questions

How do I send to or from the Chatham Islands?

You can use our online booking form. Please ensure all freight is fit for sea voyage and check our schedule before hand.

How long does it take to get there?

The turn around time will depend on where you are sending to or from in New Zealand. Please see our schedule for current voyage dates.

What are the shipping requirements?

Please ensure all freight is fit for sea voyage. For further information please see here.

I have a question about my cargo, who do I ask?

For any questions please contact someone from our logistics team for a port nearest you.

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